Club Administration

(Jim Lanahan, Director)

Avenue Charge - This Avenue will be responsible for financial issues of the club, maintenance of bylaws, weekly programs and club awards. 

Financial Management –   Chair: Bea Fore, Treas/Sec,

                                              Members: Jason Burnett, Steve Madden

Charge:  The Financial Management Committee shall insure the timely and accurate filing of all financial reports required by governmental regulation; shall provide the internal auditing of the club’s financial records, and shall provide such other financial and club management services as may be requested by the Club President or the Board of Directors.  The committee shall work with the club executive secretary to prepare a budget for the club at the beginning of the Rotary year.  The committee shall present the budget to the Board of Directors for approval.

Parliamentarian/Charter & By-Laws – Chair: Bob Massey

Charge:  The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for advising the Club President and the board on all matters involving the constitution, By-laws and policies of the club as well as the R.I. Manual of Procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order.  The Parliamentarian shall also oversee the Charter and By-laws and shall be responsible for reviewing the constitution, By-laws and policies of the club to insure their consistency with the constitution and By-laws of Rotary International and the R.I. Manual of Procedure.    

Programs – Chair: Leslie Redd

Charge:  The Programs Committee shall prepare and arrange the programs for the regular and special meetings of the club.  As practical, the programs should reinforce the theme for each month as proscribed by Rotary International.  Enough time should be given to the invited speaker to include a question and answer period.  The committee shall be responsible for the speaker introduction and shall coordinate with the Club Secretary for audio visual requirements.  The committee shall arrange for stand-by programs for those days when the scheduled speaker cancels with short notice.

President’s Commentary: This is one of the most critical committees as the experience of club members and guests is directly related to the quality of the program.  I ask that all members who have witnessed an excellent program relay their experience to the Programs Committee.  The committee shall advise the Club President and Board of Directors of any program that may be controversial prior to scheduling such program. Programs must be apolitical. For 501c(3) organizations, political discussions and activities may be construed as lobbying or campaigning; therefore, we should be careful to avoid political affiliation.  Failure to adhere to the IRS’s guidelines in this matter could result in the loss of our tax-exempt status, which would be ruinous. 

Club Assemblies – Chair:

Charge:  Works with the President to determine the goals of each assembly, topics presented, staying on schedule, and gathering feedback from the members as to value of the assembly. 

Craft Talks – Chair: Marcus Haile

Charge: Arrange craft talks/industry updates for new and established members each week. Focus should be on helping members get to know each other better and to inform members of the status of various industries important in our community. 

Sports – Chair: Jack O’Brien

Charge: Give brief sports report highlighting teams and events of interest to club members.  Goal should be levity and enjoyment for all.

Club Awards – Chair: Ron Patrick                       Presidential Citation and District awards

Charge: This committee shall review the Presidential Citation and District award requirements at the       beginning of the year.  The committee shall track the club’s progress in meeting the             requirements for the Presidential Citation as documented in (Presidential Citation)    and report no less than quarterly to the board.  The committee shall review criteria for District             Awards, select deserving club members where appropriate and submit required forms as per        instructions at the District website on time. 

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