Community Service or Service Projects

(Stevan Jones, Director)

Avenue Charge - This Avenue will be responsible for all community, national and international service projects including fundraising and distribution of charitable grants. 

Community Service Projects –   co-Chairs: Richard Dow / Robyn Watson

Charge:  This committee shall be responsible for all community service projects of the club including special events.  The committee in working with all members of the club, other club committees and community stakeholders, will identify opportunities for community service, discuss them with the Club President and Board of Directors, maintain a calendar of accepted service projects, give a monthly status report to the board through the Avenue chair or his designee, and execute all projects.               

Fundraising – Chair:

Charge: this committee shall be responsible for all fundraising efforts of the club.  This will include working closely with the Community Service Committee along with the Fellowship and Social Committee in coordinating fundraising efforts for specific service projects and special events.  The committee is required to the update the Club Treasurer, Club President and Board of Directors as appropriate.  The following special events are managed by subcommittees responsible for all aspects of each event;

  1. Alhambra Night – Chair – Jason Burnett
  2. Oratory Contest – Oratory Committee

Charity Committee – Chair: Robert Harris

Charge:  The Charity Committee shall solicit applications for charity dollars from January-February. Review applications in March and recommend disbursements to the board at the March or April meeting.  The committee will arrange with recipients to receive funds at a regular meeting of the club.  The committee will coordinate this presentation with the Programs Committee.  The committee will notify all applicants of the final award decisions.  The Club President will be a member of this committee.

International  Projects – co-Chairs: Patrick Victor / Barry Covington

Charge:  This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans which will guide and assist the members of the club in matters relating to international service.  It is responsible as needed for obtaining available district and Rotary International grants, with the assistance of the District and Global Grants Committee, to support international service projects.  The committee may work with District 6970 and clubs within the district and other outside partners to investigate and implement international projects.

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