Membership Development & Engagement

(Jacqueline Rudloff, Director)

Avenue Charge - This avenue is responsible for recruiting, retaining and educating members of the club.  In addition, a club trainer will be appointed by the President and with Board approval who will serve to educate all club members on all issues about Rotary as well as to educate committee chairs, avenue chairs and club officers of the duties of their office. 

Classifications – Chair: Bill Jaycox

Charge: This committee shall conduct on or before September 30 of each year a classification survey of the community; shall compile from the survey a roster of filled and unfilled classifications using the guide to classifications; shall urge upon the members the importance of proposing names for such unfilled classifications as have been declared open by the Board of Directors; shall review, where necessary, existing classifications represented in the club, and shall counsel with the Board on all classification problems..

Membership- Co-chairs: Tom Signorello, Dean Scott

Charge:  The Membership Committee shall manage the membership process for the club.  The committee will be in charge of the membership process including reviewing applications and vetting proposed members, fireside chats, giving the charge and new member orientation.  They shall work with the classifications committee to target any identified unfilled classifications for directed recruitment and shall take positive action to initiate and present to the Board the names of suitable persons to fill unfilled classifications.  The committee will develop and maintain a process for determining the reason(s) why members have chosen to resign from our club.  It will also work with the President and Avenue Chair to insure new members are engaged and encouraged to develop as leaders in Rotary.  

Frank Sherman Award & Rookie of the Year – co-Chairs: Mark Mathews / Ryan Maloney

Charge: The committee shall select a worthy club member to receive the annual best Rotarian             award for the club as well as the Rookie of the Year award to a member less than 12 months      in the club who has had a significant positive impact on the club.

Fellowship/Social – co-Chairs: Vicki-lynne Gloger / Marie O’Keefe

Charge:  The Fellowship & Social Committee shall promote acquaintance and friendship among the club members; promote participation by members in organized Rotary recreational and social activities.  Such activities shall further the Object of Rotary and be scheduled on a regular basis to enhance membership engagement and retention.

The committee shall report to the club significant events in the lives of club members, provide a family of Rotary report when requested and serve as the liaison between club members who may be unable to attend regular meetings for health or other reasons beyond the member’s control.

Attendance & Participation – Co-Chairs: Charles Hyatt and Casey Martin                   

Charge:  Working directly with the Sergeant At Arms, the Attendance and Participation Committee shall devise means for encouraging attendance at all Rotary meetings - including attendance at district conferences, inter-city meetings, regional conferences and international conventions, by all club members.  This committee shall especially encourage attendance at regular meetings of this club and attendance at regular meetings of other clubs when members are unable to attend meetings of this club.  The committee shall also keep all members informed on attendance requirements; promote better incentives for good attendance, and seek to ascertain and remove the conditions that contribute to unsatisfactory attendance.  In addition this committee shall devise and carry into effect plans to provide club members for each meeting to (a) lead the National Anthem if included in the program;  (b) lead the Pledge of Allegiance;  (c) offer the invocation, and  (d) introduce visiting Rotarians and guests. The committee shall assist with the recording of member attendance at each meeting and club event.  The committee shall recognize Rotarians having earned at least one full year of perfect attendance through the previous Rotary year.  The committee shall assist with creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at club meetings and events. Contact members who have been absent via e-mail notes and let them know they have been missed   

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