Public Relations & Communications

(Diane Pauly, Director)

Avenue Charge - This Avenue shall devise and carry into effect plans to give the public information about Rotary, its history, object and scope, and also to secure proper publicity for the club and its events. 

Media Relations  -  Chair:

Charge: This committee shall be responsible for all media engagement of the club including publicity for speakers and special events as well as publicizing accomplishments of the club and its members. 

Advertising & Marketing- Chair: Les Loggins

Charge:  This committee will assume responsibility for securing advertising of club events as well as marketing for participation at community fundraising and service events in coordination with the Community Service Project Committee and the Fundraising Committee.  The committee shall also design and implement procedures to provide a consistent branding at the site of projects and events in progress, establishing a sense of community.

Web & Social Media – Chair:

Charge: This committee with be responsible for the club web site both innovation and maintenance.  In addition, this committee with engage social media as appropriate in coordination with the Advertising and Marketing Committee. 

The Gear and The Rotarian – Chair: Michelle Claudio

Charge: This committee shall be responsible for weekly publication of the Gear.  This     includes coordination with the Programs Committee to acquire speaker bios and coordination with the club executive secretary for publication and distribution.  In addition, this committee shall stimulate reader interest in The Rotarian magazine; sponsor a magazine week; arrange for brief monthly reviews of the magazine on regular club programs; encourage the use of the magazine in the introduction of new members; provide a copy of the magazine for non-Rotarian speakers; secure international service and other special subscriptions for libraries,   hospitals, schools and other reading rooms; send news items and photographs to the editor of  the magazine, and in other ways make the magazine of service to both club members and  non-Rotarians.                     

Good Government Award – Chair: Michelle Kalil

Charge: this committee will select an annual worthy citizen of the community, whether a Rotarian or not for the award signifying a significant positive impact on the greater Jacksonville jurisdiction. 

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